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The Chartered Accountants Medical Aid Fund (CAMAF), which was established in 1951, was originally designed for accounting professionals and offers superior benefits to qualifying members. As the fund focuses on a niche market, it is able to provide a range of benefits that significantly surpass those offered by most open schemes.

Always ahead of the curve, CAMAF strongly values innovation, and covers many procedures performed with the very latest technology. It also has a distinctly holistic focus, combining excellent healthcare benefits with an actively managed wellness programme.

This is complemented by its loyalty programme, Multiply, which offers a range of attractive rewards for doing the everyday things that ensure a healthy and happy life.

CAMAF is a trusted medical aid that gives its members peace of mind when it comes to the management of the scheme, as its Board of Trustees is made up of professionals who have a high regard for good corporate governance. They ensure that the delivery of excellent products and services is suitably balanced with sound reserves.

While CAMAF provides cover mainly for companies, it also accepts individual members subject to certain approved qualifications (see Criteria for Individual Membership).